There is no doubt that one of the best brands out there for welding and plasma cutting is Miller Electric.  Adding a Miller Plasma Cutter to your tool collection is going to provide you with excellent cutting for years and years.

Miller is just a great brand to have, you get QUALITY, POWER and PORTABILITY!

Miller Plasma Cutters have a few different models to consider.  Features like output, duty cycle, cutting thickness, generator power and inverter.  Take a look at the latest miller plasma cutter for sale.

Miller Spectrum 375 x-treme Plasma Cutter

If you’re new to plasma cutting then this unit might be the best bet for you.  Its very easy to use, being compact and light, it’s very easy to carry from job to job.  The Miller spectrum 375 x-treme plasma cutter features:

  • 30A output
  • 208/240V Input – (Amps): 240V – 13.6 A, 120V (20A) – 25.6A, 120V (15A)
  • XT30 torch included
  • Heavy duty work clamp
  • X-Case
  • MVP Plugs (5-15P & 6-50P)
  • Should strap
  • Extra consumables

The Miller 375X is highly rated portable version of the 375 model.  With strap,case and being light-weight it makes it easy to travel around.  That’s a big deal for someone who’s getting old like me!  It’s about 18 pounds.

No need to worry, we tested it and how we compare it to the 375.  For that model it cost a few bucks more, for obvious reasons.  But don’t worry, the miller x-treme still has the same great cutting options it’s just a little more portable if that’s what you need.  Otherwise check out the 375 for a more stationery shop cutter.  We still like this one for that option too.

We recommend using 220V to get the most power when cutting.  Also, you will need a compressor to run this.  We highly recommend this Miller 375 x-treme, it’s a proven workhorse that won’t let you down.