Deciding which plasma cutter to buy can be a bit daunting.  But there is no need for that.  It comes down to a few things to make that decision.

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Hobby or Work

So let’s assume you have a budget of $500 to 100o dollars to spend on a plasma cutter, what plasma cutter should you buy?  Well, there are differently a few options and possibly the one you’re looking for as well.  Let me cut to the chase, I put together the best plasma cutters sold in the last few months, you can read that here.


I look for few things when deciding, typically I look at cost and then I look at reviews.  Reviews will tell me how many people bought the item and if they were happy or pissed off at it.   Most of the ones I pointed out in the guide, were all happy with them with of course of few how had something snarky to say, probably because they didn’t know how to work it.

Next I look at the features, make sure you are getting into a product that has a few good things, like handle and nozzle, does it come with combustibles?  Can I use it with 120 or 220 volts.  Do you need a compressor to use it.  Those are things I like to check into, nothing worse than buying a product for a “good deal” and then getting it home only to realize you have to spend another $200 dollars on it.  Everyone hates that, so lets look at the top 10 cutters to avoid this.

Finally, will this product survive my heavy duty, throw in the back of the pick up work!  Make sure this is a solid unit, built in a strong box that can survive some hard core elements.  So, I have pointed out a few places on here where you can read my guides on which plasma cutter should i buy.  If you need some one on one help, just email me and I can run some options by you.

Have fun cutting metal!