Best Breathalyzer For The Money – (2017 Update)

Here is the thing, everyone could use one of these super cool devices.  But which is the best breathalyzer for the money?  We go over that here, keep reading.

best breathalyzer for the money

As I was having a few drinks at the pub watching the NFL game on TV, I noticed the person sitting next to me had a breathalyzer actually on their keychain!  How cool I thought that was.

So, I asked kindly, let me give it a blow!  So, I did and got my reading as I figured I was just under the legal limit to drive, as I had only had 2 beers by that time.  But I defiantly needed to get one, but I wondered Where to buy a Breathalyzer?

With all the laws in place about drinking and driving it has got me scared.  But, I don’t want that to stop me from going out and having a good time.  So, I got to thinking, what if I had a breathalyzer to help gauge if I should be able to drive home or not.  Can you buy a breathalyzer and where to buy a breathalyzer?  I put together this guide to help you and others find the best place online to buy a breathalyzer.

Where to buy a breathalyzer and can you?

I figured this was only legal equipment that the police can use.  Actually, and that’s to their advantage.  If you think about it, why would you not want to know where you’re at.

I mean, there is nothing like a little fear of being over the limit that makes me just a tiny bit nervous.

Having a breathalyzer can really help you feel better before getting behind the wheel.  Nothing worse than getting pulled over and thinking you’re going to get a DUI.  So, can you buy a breathalyzer?  Yes you can!  And below you will find out where to buy a breathalyzer.

So where can you get one?

There are many retailers that do sell Breathalyzers.  Like Walgreen, CVS, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart.  But, the best place to order online and have it delivered in two days, is Amazon.

That’s where I ordered mine after a long 4 hours of reading reviews on all these retailer sites.  And to be honest, I even went to my local Walgreen.  But, I liked that Amazon has a policy that you have to be an actual buyer from Amazon to make these reviews.

Top 5 Best Breathalyzer For The Money?

Below you can see the best Breathalyzers for the money on Amazon.  Jump right to Amazon by clicking this link to see for yourself.  Below will answer your questions of where to buy a breathalyzer.

BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer

The best-selling portable breathalyzer on Amazon with over 700 4 star reviews, here’s why.  This is police grade sensor that is the same technology that is used by the police and hospitals.

Provides accurate readings from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC.  Simple one-touch operation, switch on and in seconds begin to test.  Runs on two AA batteries that are included.  This is where to buy a breathalyzer, Very accurate Breathalyzer see it here.

BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer

It doesn’t get any more portable than this keychain breathalyzer.  Super affordable that displays your BAC on a 3 digit LCD display.  The mouthpiece just folds open and closes for use.

Fits on your keychain no problem, however, if you’re  not careful you could drop it or scratch the screen.   This is the smallest breathalyzer that is reliable and accurate.

Runs on AAA batteries that can probably last 75 readings. This is where to buy a breathalyzer, Check out the reviews.

BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

So many devices can now sync with your smartphones and now you can get a breathalyzer that does that too!  This is police grade sensor technology like the others.

But the cool part with this being hooked to your phone via Bluetooth  This saves and tracks your results such as BAC, includes photos, notes and drink logs.

Also, this Zeroline technology gives you an estimate of when your BAC will be back to zero! This is where to buy a breathalyzer, That’s pretty cool, check it out!

TruBreez 2020 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector

TruBreez 2020 is powered by a high precision conductor sensor.  It has a fast response of fewer than 5 seconds to give out a reading.

I nice back lite blue lighting to display the results works well at night.  Made for right and left-handed people.  Includes 5 mouthpieces and compartment to store them in.  Operates on 3 AAA batteries for up to 2o0 times.  Affordable but the reviews are a little less positive.

This is where to buy a breathalyzer,  You can read those here.

BACtrack Element Professional Breathalyzer

Another great BACtrack portable breathalyzer.  Simple one touch operation that gives you readings from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC.  For under $100, this is nice breathalyzer.

Include continuous temperature checking, adjustable warning levels, and internal mini-solenoid breath pump system.  Comes with several mouthpieces.

The same technology that is used by the police, hospitals, clinics and other professionals.  Test your friends, yourself and your family.  This is where to buy a breathalyzer,It’s worth having one, see this one and get 35% off!


So I hope this guide has answered your questions about where to buy a breathalyzer.  As you read, these are super simple one-touch breathalyzer.  Anyone could operate these.

Runs on a simple battery and there are no configurations involved.  They are reliable and accurate.  It would highly be recommenced anyone to have one especially the ones that tell you how long it might take to get back to where you will be able to drive safely.

Don’t get pulled over and risk getting a DUI, get yourself a breathalyzer, they’re not expensive!